Horizontal Conversations

In big media MySpace advertising global, marketing, mindset 3.0, research, social networking on December 16, 2006 at 4:47 pm

Richard Edelman shares his thoughts about the notion of advertisers having horizontal conversations with customers and consumers. My response to his post is shared below:

Richard, your post highlights further the great paradox for big media and large companies that rely on big media as the dominant communications platform. Much like the younger generation who often has difficulty communicating in real world settings using clear sentences, despite their outrageous salary demands, big media and large companies don’t know how to initiate and participate in “horizontal conversations”—it might as well be Mandarin to many corporate marketing heads and executives.

I am excited about the future because you can begin to see companies swirling around more intimate ways to communicate. The problem is that large enterprise MUST contend with shareholders and Boards of Directors that are singularly focused, so it becomes difficult in spite what they say in the annual reports.

The real adaptation will occur as younger board members (under 50) start to dominate in all industries. This is when a real floodgate of horizontal conversation will take place–and it will be global and it will be real. We’re coming with the solution in February 2007.


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