Diamonds Should Not Be Anyone’s Best Friend

In Africa, diamond trade, Human Condition and Treatment, mindset 3.0, Sustainability on December 27, 2006 at 6:22 am

My wife and I saw Blood Diamond today–you know the post Christmas ritual of many people across the globe to visit their local movie theater. We were both a bit shaken by the intensity of the film, but moreso, we were moved. My wife commented about wanting to rid herself of her diamonds–mind you, they are not 3 carats or anywhere close to it. Nonetheless, I got to thinking of the monstrous diamond I saw in Chris Weber’s ear during an interview while checking out the post-holiday sales for big sceeen televisions.

From a media perspective, this is a tricky issue. On one hand you have liberals declaring not to wear furs. Yet, those same people may likely be wearing a diamond that was mined by a 12 year old boy or not. The videos we see today, are designed to stimulate the senses and make people want things–it’s good marketing hype and actually allows for fewer dollars to be spent by those companies, because African-Americans in particular are very quick to buy–diamonds that it and the bigger the better. How could DeBeers position an ad worth watching despite the new film, Blood Diamond? That is what we will discuss next time. Enjoy the movie clip:


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