MySpace is Ruining Today’s Young People

In big media MySpace advertising global, ecomagination, GE, green, social networking, social-tainment on February 23, 2007 at 8:29 am

Here’s proof. Read this highly credible source and have a talk with yourself if you’ve been naughty or speak with your kids and don’t take for granted what they tell you.

Challenge for big media: sex and vanity sells so much so that it is all encompassing. You can to a high quality site like Brightcove, and the sexual images simply grab you. Which is why MySpace will likely never see the GE ecomagination campaign on their site–perhaps, I might be wrong about this, but companies like GE won’t have anything to do with this type of marketing. So, what Internet properties lends itself to a high quality audience that has relevant messages, and would attract this type of campaign?

Try, www.spangy.com or www.care2.com. Spangy is an upstart, and Care2 has been around for a while and claims to have over 5 million members.

Unfortunately, young people, at least in the United States and perhaps the UK can’t seem to get beyond, wanton hedonism, vanity, sex and over indulgence. This presents a vexing challenge for big media who incessantly try to crack the code with this demographic. Forget it! As my blogging buddy Brian Balfour would suggest, quality of traffic is more important than quantity. So, while everyone salivates over the millions of eyeballs of this lustful demo, one can only ask, “show me the money” and truthfully, it’s really not there. Best wishes and let’s hear back from you.


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