Sex Makes You Click…

In handcuffs, jessica cutler, politicians, Senators, Uncategorized, vanity on May 11, 2007 at 6:06 pm

I want to interrupt the continuation of my analysis on Blood Diamonds to share an old observation: sex makes you click. I just read a brief snippet about Jessica Cutler–not bad looking, but nothing to write home about. However, what is interesting is how the freaky side of people in Washington continues to get exposed. From former President Clinton, to Mark Foley’s fondness for little boys to Senate aides who like to talk dirty and use handcuffs. So, if you are an advertiser, here’s the dilemma: people click thereby increasing traffic. But, do they buy anything?

Of course they don’t, but the blogger gets paid nicely for thousands of clicks. If this was on the nightly news, which it likely would be, people would likely listen, make a comment, then say oh well. This is the kind of media that is such baloney and bull crap, that new media strategies often get devalued because of the unsavory nature. What’s a person to do on the web. I likely won’t remember the post I read about Ms. Cutler in a few weeks or share it with anyone–but it sure is somewhat interesting in voyeuristic kind of way.

Oh, and get this, Ms. Cutler gets an entry into Wikipedia for getting paid $400 to screw a married man for lunch. This is how far we’ve come, which sadly is not very far.


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