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How Do Fish and Mobile Phones Promote Economic Growth?

In Third World Business on May 13, 2007 at 3:35 am

This article from the Economist is the best way to start off the week for sure. The piece is instructive, motivating, exciting, encouraging, makes sense and you can make something happen for yourself or your community or your country it. Here we go:


“YOU are a fisherman off the coast of northern Kerala, a region in the south of India. Visiting your usual fishing ground, you bring in an unusually good catch of sardines. That means other fishermen in the area will probably have done well too, so there will be plenty of supply at the local beach market: prices will be low, and you may not even be able to sell your catch. Should you head for the usual market anyway, or should you go down the coast in the hope that fishermen in that area will not have done so well and your fish will fetch a better price? If you make the wrong choice you cannot visit another market because fuel is costly and each market is open for only a couple of hours before dawn—and it takes that long for your boat to putter from one to the next. Since fish are perishable, any that cannot be sold will have to be dumped into the sea. For the rest of the article, click here.