HIV: Market Opportunity with Real World Solution

In Africa, AIDS, micro-enterprise on May 28, 2007 at 6:45 pm

We’ve all heard about the scourge of AIDS leaving many young people as orphans in Africa and all part of the world for that matter.  However, one of the big opportunities is to provide the ability to test people right after they have been infected.  Recent evidence shows that most people pass along this deadly disease shortly after becoming infected.   Our objective is to promote innovative solutions to global social challenges in developing countries.

Since access to medicines is one of the challenges in many developing countries, we should eliminate this hurdle by providing access to drugs.  The HealthStore Foundation® has combined established micro-enterprise principles with proven franchise business practices to create a micro-franchise business model called CFWshops™.


Franchisees operate small drug shops or clinics strategically located to improve access to essential drugs. HealthStore clinics and shops enable trained health workers to operate their own businesses treating the diseases that cause 70-90% of illness and death in their communities while following HealthStore drug handling and distribution regulations calculated to ensure good practice.  So, if you want to donate time and/or money, this is worth giving some serious thought.  Let the world hear back from you.  Check out their PowerPoint for more on the low cost to making a big impact.

  1. Will a cure for Aids ever be discovered, why try
    to figure out the climate, and cant figure out what causes aids, that is real strange.

  2. Aids has to be some type of virus, I do not think

    that the great medical professional are trying to
    solve this problem. I think this virus was developed in a lab. by the federal government.

  3. HIV is a nasty disease. Once you get it, there is no cure for it. Safe sex and abstinence is the only way to avoid getting it.

  4. It is quite scary that there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and the only way we can fight it is by prevention. How long would it take our scientists to develop a cure or vaccine for this disease?

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