4 Billion People will Count on Spangy, but Why?

In big media MySpace advertising global, mindset 3.0, News Corp., product design, Sustainability, Third World Products on June 1, 2007 at 5:39 pm

It is the end of the week and due to family vacation last week and the Memorial Day holiday here in the US, there were just not enough days to provide my usual dose of powerful innovations from entrepreneurs of developing countries.

Someone recently asked what is Spangy about and what makes it so special. I always get excited when someone asks this very important question? It is quite simple, and actually extraordinarily powerful: we are the first global social networking site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, individuals and global corporations bring attention to innovation, sustainable solutions that protect the environment, create jobs, eliminate disease, provide economic stability, completely eradicate human trafficking and modern-day slavery by offering free of charge advertising space for their product innovation, service or solution.

The market opportunity we see, is to remove this important barrier for most smaller entities to create meaningful access to eyeballs who can purchase, promote and collaborate to drive economic sustainability.

In this community, we are limited only by our imaginations and ways of thinking, which is why we call our blog Mindset 3.0. To illustrate, here’s an example: would you buy edible cutlery and use as part of your regular set of utensils?


Well, this is our purpose? To mobilize our global community to actually consider purchasing innovative products, raising investment capital, sharing ideas, spreading the word, making connections that facilitate meaningful commerce for people who need it the most in a current, fun and informative atmosphere.

What if Wal-Mart, as a member of our site makes a decision to purchase this cutlery for use in their corporate cafeteria for daily use? Or, would you buy fine paper made from elephant dung? For more, check out ecomaximus, winner of the 2006 World Challenge, another Spangy innovation partner. What if News Corporation decides to print all their holiday cards on this paper or better yet, what if Oprah decides scarves and throws from Shokay (a Spangy innovation partner) are the new item to have?

The point is this, similar to MySpace, which started out by promoting bands in the Los Angeles area, Spangy promotes innovations that help empower developing countries to reduce the number of people living on less than $3 dollars a day. You are part of a community that will be bigger in terms of global impact than MySpace over the next 36 months. We won’t have 200 million people keeping in touch with people they already know. Rather, we hope to influence the quality of life for 2-3 billion through participating in conversations that are relevant, related and real to help solve serious problems.

To be sure, Spangy’s site is not perfect today, so be patient with us. However, we are fortunate to recently obtain the donation of technical services to assist with making some needed changes that you will notice over the coming weeks. So visit us, as the content changes on the site daily to see what’s happening in the world beyond the Iraq war.

We also kindly ask that you update your member section (assuming you don’t mind) with your preferred email, so other Spangy members can reach out to you and also share a picture. We also have a blog for you to share information as well as storing up to 50 video links and 50 article links. So just imagine what kind of resource we become if everyone is using just a fraction of our capabilities. Visit my profile to see the possibilities of what you can do, because I am part of your community at spangy.com. Have a wonderful weekend!


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