Paris Hilton Could Impact Lives in India

In Environment, Hot Third World Products, Human Condition and Treatment, mindset 3.0 on June 4, 2007 at 12:39 pm

Seem like an odd title, but after she gets out of jail and see how the other half lives, a terrific way to support global sustainability is to wear it.  By this, Paris should endorse this great company based in India to make a fashion statement that she means business about the environment. We will be in touch with her representatives over the next several weeks to see what we can come up with.  I could see her wearing this bag for a night out.  Trends start because something is cool, typically worn by a famous celebrity.  Hollywood stars can afford to drive $450,000 automobiles, but many of them are choosing to drive a $23,000 Prius.   So, Paris can start by ordering the handbag or shoes we show below. 


This bag represents the ultimate in promoting environment sustainability, while adding economic value to the lives of women in India who face social injustice each day.  To be clear, these items are made from recycled polythene bags!  Yes, those flimsy bags you get at most grocery stores, assuming you don’t ask for paper.  CONSERVE, a non-profit organisation, using a blend of creativity, design & innovation have turned, what was once a dull environmental hazard, into a clean, funky and fashionable material, from which have been crafted a range of appealing handbags and fashion accessories.

The company doesn’t stop there.  With the support of the Asian Development Bank, we are currently working on a project to generate income, through the production of this material, for the less advantaged communities in Delhi.




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