Largest Migration on Earth & Rare Gorilla Orphaned: Same as Evening News

In Africa, gorilla, migration on June 12, 2007 at 12:53 pm

This sounds like the evening news, but it’s happening to animals.  In Sudan, more than a million gazelles and antelope are migrating due to the fighting in Darfur where fighting continues to kill millions of rival tribes.  As Dr. J. Michael Fay, a conservationist at the Wildlife Conservation Society and explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society, put’s it, “it’€™s so far beyond anything you’€™ve ever seen, you can’€™t believe it,€ Dr. Fay said. €œYou think you’€™re hallucinating.”  In other appalling news, National park rangers are battling to save a 2-month-old gorilla found clinging to its dead mother, who was shot dead through the back of the head.”  These two scenes sound like news from any major urban city in the United States, where people are moving to seek a better life (can you say immigration) or daily robberies over $20 (can you say any city USA).


So this says to me, that our so-called developed countries behave like people in undeveloped countries through senseless killings (which of course the perpetrators always believe they are right for their behavior).  Whether you watch the news of rebel leaders in Darfur or gang members in Los Angeles, they have the same logic for their behaviors and tend to be extremely articulate and guile in expressing their views.  So, are we really that much more developed in our behaviors and thinking in certain populations?  This would be a great debate, because the men in Darfur, and other African nations have the same complaints: no jobs, no opportunities for jobs, wanton sexual behavior, drug abuse and addiction.  Fly over the ocean and in the United States, we experience the same set of circumstances.  What do you think? 


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