China Second Only to US in Environmental Damage

In carbon emissions, China, Environment, greenhouse gases on June 16, 2007 at 3:58 am

This is a vicious cycle of greed, gluttony and lack of respect for the environment and the future. Let’s make it real simple: China’s economy is bursting at the seems because Americans love low priced goods. To keep pace with demand, China continues to cut corners in terms of protecting the environment. The U.S. has a similar position regarding the environment since they are number one in further damaging the environment. So what’s a suburban family to do, with Wal-Mart only a quarter mile or less from your home? What would be the economic impact? What would be the social impact? What would be the environmental impact? Are we willing to pay more for products shipped from China if they (the Chinese government) have a change of heart?  The people of China do care about their environment as evidence by the video.  Check it out.


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