Where’s My Vacation

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2007 at 3:57 pm

Our family makes an annual trek to South Padre Island for fun, sun and relaxation.  It was great this year because the boys are now old enough to manage themselves on the beach and know how far to advance into the big blue ocean.  But I am came across this most timely and insightful article that I had to share it.


On my vacation this year, I felt this sense of wanting to be needed “back at the office”.  In contrast, the last three years in which I owned and operated my own consulting practice, I never felt that way, even when I was between projects.  So, what’s it like when you take a real vacation?  To my fellow spangy.com members who reside outside the United States (and there are many of you) can you please explain and describe your vacation experiences and feelings as it relates to your organization’s policies, how your superiors view vacation and help educate us on what it is like to relax and know that you will have a job when you return.

  1. Lafayette,
    Many thanks for your invitation to Spangy. We’ll try to add some further details on the site and thank you for your help. You’re also doing wonderful work.

    Asante & salamu !
    Alison Lowndes
    Founder Trustee

    VoIP & IM Skype : avif_volunteers_in_kenya

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