Aid to Africa is Like Women on Welfare

In marketing, Uncategorized on September 12, 2007 at 3:24 am

How many success stories do we read about when it comes to countries accelerating educational opportunities or creating new jobs, or feeding families because of foreign aid? Not many to be sure. The same applies to people in the United States who continue to receive welfare through federally funded programs. These programs both abroad and in the U.S. cripple people who are typically poor, lower educated, and tend to be ethnic minorities in the U.S. and people in Africa.

One of the most dynamic strategies that could help these countries is to actually purchase direct from entrepreneurs who design and sell, what I call “third world innovations”. The concept is simple, provide a platform like an Amazon or eBay that allows for “free of charge marketing”. If a man lives on less than $2-3 dollars a day can generate income by enjoying free marketing and earn $20 dollars a day, the bellies of children are full and they can attend school. What do you think?

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