Wondering about Michelle Wie: She’s Not a Whole Golfer Yet

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2007 at 4:08 pm

Says Pia Nilsson, who coaches several players including Sorenstam: “Michelle’s physical and technical is really good, but she seems so young in the mental, emotional and social components. To become a great player, she needs to find joy and motivation. There’s been so much going on with her from age 13, people pulling her, so you don’t know if she loves it. There are signs that it’s not in her. The people around her have to take that seriously and find a way to keep her growing in the game and in life. Or she will rebel.”

This analysis is very similar to how children are evaluated using the “whole child concept”. There are four areas to consider, which are: physical, social, emotional and intellectual. Educators and physicians are quick to tell you that children do things when they are ready, whether it is taking their first steps, potty training, reading, sharing and so forth.

If you take Ms. Nilsson’s analysis and apply the “whole child concept” the conclusion is simple: Michelle Wie should not be playing professional golf at this point in her life. This was the same conclusion we reached last year when we gave our son the gift of time by delaying is entry to kindergarten. He could clearly do the work and physically he’s a great athlete. But emotionally, and socially being the youngest in his class since pre-school kinda beats you down because you are always trying to keep up and have not gained the confidence required to be successful. Our son is now in kindergarten and he is a little leader now and extremely confident in his abilities. Unfortunately, Michelle Wie’s parents cannot say the same for their daughter. The accountable party at this point are the parents of Michelle Wie. We may never know or witness how great Michelle could become.

The solution: go to college, get a boyfriend, cram for exams, go to Spring break and bring your clothes home for mom to wash just like all great kids. Golf, forget about it for now. Just be a college student and enjoy the experience because in 10 years, nobody wants to hear Michelle say, “I wish I had given college a chance and enjoyed myself.” The time is now to make the smart decision.

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