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Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2008 at 12:36 pm

This is an important day for Cuban’s.  Much like what we are experiencing with the campaign of Barack Obama, the time is now in Cuba for a younger set of leaders with whom the United States can work.  Some of the basic privileges that includes the ability to purchase a car, participate in commerce (as a non-tourist) free speech and much more is constricted or forbidden by the government.  This is where a presidential hopeful like Barack Obama could have a tremendous and relevant impact to his presidency, assuming he beats McCain in the general election.  As it was aptly stated at a recent McCain gathering, the audience was made up of old, white men.  Nothing wrong with that, but that is precisely what Fidel Castro is sans the ethnic bloodline of being Cuban.   As Barry White said, in one of his songs entitled: “It’s Time”.  Thus, it is now time for communism in Cuba to go, as it has left the eastern bloc and other regions of the world. 

Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President – New York Times