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If you have a point of view or perspective on what is imporant for Africa’s future or what should be the focus, cast your vote on this exciting interactive feature.  More on this later… but cast your vote.

  1. Bionaid and Oxysilver – Ending Fears of Pandemics with NASA Technology

    United States of America (Press Release) September 23, 2008 — The man that developed a key ingredient in BIONAID and the covalent silver reactor technology used by NASA began his voyage, leading to discovery of covalent silver, at age twelve while observing people receiving communion from a chalice that had been subjected to sneezing and coughing. Later, he asked the priest about possible contamination to the rest of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry, as pure silver removes the contaminates.

    The discovery of covalent silver begins in 1954. At the tender age of twelve, while attending church services, the inventor (whose name is confidential) observed people receiving holy communion. People infected with colds and other ailments were seen sneezing or coughing over the communion chalice. Later, he asked the Priest about possible contamination to the remainder of the congregation. The priest said that he need not worry because pure silver kills viruses and harmful bacteria. The inventor actually believed this hilarious story. Thus began his life long fascination with silver as a health supplement. As the years passed, he pondered about how to destroy disease-causing parasites by taking advantage of the safe and natural properties historically documented about silver. He applied for a patent for a silver filter device to be implanted inside the human body. That patent was denied in 1985 because of an existing patent on a boiler blow-back tube by Thomas Jefferson. Nevertheless, he continued to consider methods which would expose human blood-carried parasites to pure silver. He began to focus upon circulating pure silver within the bloodstream, studying ionization, electrolysis, colloidal silver forms, and electroplating. He became fascinated with the combined conductivity of charged silver and charged water. In 1986, whilst working with Louisiana University on another invention, he mentioned his covalent silver idea to colleagues and friends. A professor at the University brought a bible verse to his attention, in Exodus 32:19, Moses took the golden calf, burned it and ground it to fine powder, scattered it on the water, and made the Israelites drink it. Thus he thought that if he could suspend pure silver in pure water permanently then silver could operate more effectively internally, circulating throughout the body, destroying harmful micro-organisms.

    He designed a reactor that suspended pure silver in pure water and faxed the drawing to a trusted machinist in Colorado Springs who machined several vital components. After assembly, the reactor was taken to a friend in Pueblo, Colorado who had well water that he knew was chemical-free. He experimented with various water flow rates and electrical settings, and then went to several laboratories and universities attempting to generate interest for testing, but was repeatedly told that permanent suspension of a metal in water was impossible and against the laws of physics.

    In 1989, he traveled to an area in Venezuela swarming with mosquitoes (Genus Anopheles), with the intention of proving his theories by purposely infecting himself with a protozoan of the genus Plasmodium in red blood cells, which is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. Without his wife’s knowledge or consent, he allowed several malarial mosquitoes to bite him and transmit the infectious parasite. After the 21st day of incubation he awoke a very sick man with extreme chills and fever. He then admitted to his wife that he had purposely infected himself, and asked her to give him the weakest batch of covalent silver . As anticipated his recovery began internally within fifteen minutes, and astoundingly within several hours he regained the strength to get out of bed and swim in the pool. Later that evening he acquired the strength to venture out with his wife for dinner and a movie, as the symptoms continued to retreat and disappear. Continuing the treatment until completion has enabled him to remain symptom free since that day in 1989.

    The inventor met with Richard Leatherwood, a researcher who was attempting to market a device to disclose HIV from a drop blood. He began to theorize that covalent silver might eliminate HIV. Mr. Leatherwood, contacted Dr. Diagne, a professor of HIV research at UCLA and sent him samples of covalent silver. Seven months later Dr. Diagne reported the results; covalent silver had successfully destroyed 30 million diseased cultures, most of which were HIV. In 1994 Mr. Leatherwood took samples of covalent silver to Dr. Panza with Genesis-West Provida, Mexico for testing in vitro and in vivo for cancer patients. During a 21-day testing period, Dr. Panza and his group made a five and a half hour video filmed through an electron microscope, showing the destruction of parasites and yeast fungus in the blood. Dr. Diagne at UCLA had tested covalent silver in the clinical laboratory on cultures, while Dr. Panza worked with humans and on diseased cultures in a clinical laboratory. In 1998, Dr. Carr in Belize began testing on humans, his primary aim being to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases using covalent silver on infected patients. He tested covalent silver successfully on patients suffering from Hepatitis, Malaria, Cholera, Typhus, and many other diseases known in third world countries. In 1999 Dr. Ingnedaay of California began testing patients with Cancer, Hepatitis C and B, HIV, and has reported great improvement and remission.

    In an article titled – “Promising Cure to URTI Pandemics Including H5N1 and SARS”, they state, “Recently Rentz (2003) published a convincing retrospective, peer-reviewed treatise on a highly advanced, effective and safe virotoxic oligodynamic silver (Ag+) hydrosol, making the case that it is the agent of choice to combat SARS. The works of Goetz (1940), Berger et al (1976), Simonetti et al (1992), Russel et al (1994), and Crocker and Grier (1998) collectively established that electrolytically produced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol provides the ideal speciation of bioactive Ag+ completely harmless to mammals in contrast to other colloidal silver or silver salt speciations that are predominantly inactive and potentially toxic to mammals. They also established that oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol possesses fabulous virotoxic properties. Comprehensive studies conducted by NASA (circa 1970) on a crude oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol preparation offer a compelling argument that today’s highly advanced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosols may be the solution to lessening the impact of viral plagues.”

    In 2005, while looking for the best silver product to carry on mountain guide trips Burk-Elder: Hale, Third (Elder), a mountain guide, fortuitously met with a representative for Bion, a leading dietary supplement concentrate made with the covalent silver reactor. Bion has been developed, studied and tested over a 15 year period in major universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide.

    Soon afterwards, a company started bottling Bion for Elder under his own branding – BIONAID – for Range Guide Expeditions and Burk Hale, Incorporated. Elder wanted something to have in the wild to make wild-water safe to drink. Elder began experimenting to improve Bion. Later, he began coordinating tests using Dan Nelson’s geometric laser to see the effects on BIONAID. The results were most amazing after being subjected to the laser.

    In November of 2007, Elder sent a super-concentrated water substrate to be put through the covalent silver reactor. Again, the results were most amazing in that the reaction was seen to be unusually stable. Upon being tested by Dan Nelson, the Bionaid was seen to be 100 times more potent and the entire solution, not just the Bion particle, became sub-nanoparticle in size. After negotiations between Burk Hale, Incorporated and their new associates Bion+ BIONAID AgH2O became the most advanced UPCOSH dietary supplement on the market. Elder has donated Oxysilver to Uganda this year and the clinical trials are proving to be a great success in ending fears of pandemic.

    Basic Bion, branded as Oxysilver for African distribution, is exclusively distributed to Africa by BioAquatic and Elder (associate of BioAquatic). Elder’s Oxysilver was the product donated to Uganda for clinical testing this year. Oxysilver for African distribution is marketed by WASART African Youth Movement. Oxysilver is not the same as Bionaid – UPCOSH, as Bionaid has been advanced beyond Oxysilver (or Bion) with technnology developed by Dan Nelson and Elder. WASART will be making UPCOSH available in Africa through special arrangements with the Church of Christ and Elder’s ministerial associates, Zion African Youth Alliance, in Africa.

    The “Oxysilver, sold in America by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, is not the same formulation as the original (first sold in America and later promoted internationally on Coast to Coast AM Radio by Dr. Horowitz) and the more advanced Oxysilver sold in Africa. While Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has endorsed Elder’s formula, Elder does not endorse Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s new formula marketed as “Oxysilver as a formulation that is equivalent to Elder’s formulation, and Elder has not authorized the use of his name in the fabricated “interview” or the unauthorized use of Bion tesimonials that Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has on his website meant to give the appearance that Elder endorses Horowitz’s formulation.

    Elder’s Bionaid and Oxysilver are the original, most advanced formulations on the market. While Dr. Horowitz has a good product, do not confuse it with the original and most advanced formulations supported by decades of research and new clinical tests.

    Learn more at http://www.bionaid.com or call 706-937-7379


    Over the past nine years, Mr. Ssemakula Peter Luyima, begun his humanitarian research journey for better solutions for Africa, as a student researcher at SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTER in 1998, and the training field was with community based organization in Kibera – the biggest slum in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa.

    His early humanitarian efforts in Kibera Kenya, deeply inspired him to do a great deal with co-founders in Uganda to save the poor lives in Uganda and Africa.

    In 2002, he came back to Uganda and addressed a small interested group of adult youths, who turned out to be co-founders in Mukono on the topic “WASART African Youth Movement”.

    Ssemakula Peter Luyima led the grassroots efforts to register in 2003 March 15th, WASART African Youth Movement—as a true first African historic movement launch of “scientific awakening research team” that promises to remedy poverty and plagues in Africa, Africa’s worst problems, in one assertive grassroots action.

    Familiarize yourself with our new look website, for potential creative and empowering humanitarian project activities in partnership with international collaborations, in all fields of music, arts, green tech sciences, physical economics, water sciences, African heritage and spiritual matters, for the development of adult youth community in Africa driven by the desire to a systematic, comprehensive understanding of how to end fears of AIDS, malaria and poverty in Africa.

    WASART African Youth Movement Welcome’s every adult youth [18 to 35 years] and general population in Africa to join us and learn how to save lives and tell others about WASART African Youth Movement and our history making development “African Youth” collaborative humanitarian initiative.

    Your membership contribution will earn you and your friends/family members a lifetime opportunity to share was “HOPE FOR AFRICA” presented by WASART African Youth Movement, and have something of humanitarian cause, which is good for the future of the African people and the world wide.

    You will participate and revenue share as WASART Oxysilver distributor anywhere in Africa once you become an official member in WASART African Youth Movement, and gain from a historic opportunity from our exclusive distribution of Oxysilver product that guarantees to safely and effectively boost the immune system for people in Africa and end fears of infectious illnesses.

    If you need or want to start a humanitarian project and have some revenue of which you can donate part of it to your expected affiliated community based project with WASART African Youth Movement, to set up your desired charity with this wonderful fund-raising live-saving opportunity.

    How many African grassroots organizations, networkers, or group leaders in learning institutions, do you know that need partnership with WASART African Youth Movement to grow money to accomplish their great humanitarian goals and can celebrate with WASART African Youth Movement saving lives and freeing African people from corporate-controlled/politically-imposed plagues and poverty?

    You can also pledge your monthly earnings to “Humanitarian community project” helping your rural community anywhere in Africa through our fast growing organization for African Youth development that is collaborating with potential international organizations to establish successful creative development initiatives in different section areas for the people of Uganda and Africa using our network support.

    Many people in Africa are suffering from infectious diseases, immune dysfunctions including cancers, or desire guaranteed results from Oxysilver including solid protection against the current and coming plagues.

    Direct these people to our new look website immediately by simply emailing them our website link that you can share with them the knowledgeable information and how they can participate through signing up for WASART membership.

    Contact WASART African Youth Movement immediately after you have toured our website, and let us help you begin the humanitarian journey with our guide and support.

    As you are aware, the main solvable problems plaguing humanity today are:

    1] Lacking awareness about the toxicity of fear of pandemics mentality; and the personal power to prosper in all ways, live abundantly, sustainably, and heal naturally in unity with Almighty Creator and our human family;

    2] Economic slavery, financial scarcity or poverty;

    3] Diseases and premature death associated with dehydration from water pollution, suppressed immunity, and infections including HIV/AIDS, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza [e.g., the “avian flu”] and pandemic cancers, and

    4] Big Pharma Companies: the mass murder of people in Africa for profit directed by the global petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel that abuses people’s faith in science, “modern medicine”, “public health”, antibiotics and vaccinations now the leading causes of chronic diseases and death in Uganda, and Sub-Saharan Africa nations.

    The African Youth Movement “WASART” – means “Why Africa Slept Scientific Awakening Research Team” solves each of these problems as follows:

    Humanitarian Solution #1: Our grassroots massive population campaign in Africa focuses on the silver-water science and this follows the historical work that begun In 2007, of our friend and supporter, Elder, who developed a Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UPCOSH) formulation as a dietary supplement concentrate made with the covalent silver reactor and a new geometric photon laser, invented by Dan Nelson, so he could use it in the wild to purify water and remain free from infections and illness.

    The primary ingredient in the Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol, a covalent bonded oxygen-silver nanoparticle, has been developed, studied and tested over a 20 year period in major Universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide and has proven to be very safe and effective.

    With the help of WASART African Youth Movement and ministers, clinical trials began after Elder and his associates arranged for a large donation of Oxysilver™ (an ingredient in the more advanced UPCOSH/BIONAID™) to be sent to Africa for clinical trials and to convince African officials that the product is safe and effective, and to establish a manufacturing plant in Uganda.

    Scots-Irish Clan Hale, particularly Leona-Catherine, Burk, Jr., and their son Elder is responsible for this development and its recognition world-wide. See Elder’s public letters sent to Africa that is responsible for the beginning of this humanitarian endeavor in Africa – Link 1, Link 2.

    In accordance with Elder and other associates humanitarian labor of love shares HOPE FOR AFRICA as fundamental to spirituality and living sustainably in harmony with prosperity in all ways especially health.

    Humanitarian Solution #2: WASART Africa intends to help African adult youth, from the age of 18 to 35 years, to have humanitarian freedom of creative knowledgeable cause and autonomy as absolutely vital, with our productive increasing number of international partners working with WASART, to share innovations with grassroots organizations, national and continental and international level, where this requirement can be best met.

    Humanitarian Solution #3: Oxysilver (an ingredient in the more advanced UPCOSH/BIONAID™) is of a suppressed class of nutritional breakthroughs made from energized trace minerals [including nano-silver] with super-hydrating water that has gained substantial scientific support.

    Humanitarian Solution #4: Relieving the pharmaceutical-petrochemical cartels stranglehold over healthcare, humanity, and the global energy monopoly, simply by spreading the truth about suppressed water science, hydrogen, oxygen, and how silver-hydrosols work and educational outreach.

    So please, right now as you read our website information, send our website link to your loved ones and colleagues at work or school place, whom you would like to share this historic opportunity with, about joining WASART African Youth Movement, so as to SAVE ONE AFRICAN PERSON AT A TIME.

    This action is life-saving, prospering, and urgent, so don’t delay time is running out for Africa. Do it Now! Then review our website links and science supporting our statements here and your sharing of our website address and historic opportunity with others.

    Join WASART African Youth Movement in putting this historic Africa rescue humanitarian plan into personal life-saving action for everyone’s benefit in Africa.

    By becoming an official member you will also get a free online monthly newsletter prepared by WASART African Youth Movement Chairman and co-researchers and such as you when you become a member to keep prospective members well informed about our growing progress anywhere in Africa in achieving our goals, including ending fears of Aids, malaria and poverty in Africa.

    As a brevity-patriotic member you can send us your articles and we will see that they are published here in our new look website and I believe the BEST IN AFRICA TO BE WITH YOUR PARTICIPATION with us and overseas partners.

    The new WASART online newsletter will contain WASART collaborative fascinating articles about life-saving humanitarian business expanding innovations in Uganda and throughout Africa, and reports from Oxysilver trials now in Uganda Africa that has proved to be remarkably successfully, that we will soon be publishing on this homepage.

    We have also video link opportunity on our new website look open to all registered members to demonstrate their video community projects and pictures to the global community, and a wonderful discussion forum for activists involved with Africa, wherein you can post your studies with us and interact with international humanitarian organizations and individuals.

    The WASART-ZAYA Discussion forum for members who are invited to ask questions, make suggestions or comments on any humanitarian subject of specific interest as the best forum to test market your project with us.

    At this time, Mr. Ssemakula Peter Luyima, serves as the Chairman/Founder WASART African Youth Movement. He is the principal investigator and African author of the endorsed thought-provoking thesis; “Why Africa Slept: Apathy and Isolation” to be released in America 2009.

    So thank you African brothers and sisters and the general international community willing to be part of our historic humanitarian journey, for your prospering and life-saving membership and partnership with your desired community based project and or international collaborative partners.

    Please write to WASART African Youth Movement anytime with your humanitarian questions or needs.

    All the Best with Love From WASART as you join us to become our new member.

    Ssemakula Peter Luyima, Chairman, Founder Member
    WASART African Youth Movement
    Mukono Uganda East Africa

  3. The long-standing Zion – African Youth Alliance, the youth outreach mission of the Zion Church of Christ focused on the food and health crises in Africa, is moving forward with the another objective for Africa by bringing new technology to Africa that will end fears of immune deficiencies and illnesses from contaminated water. The Church of Christ has been working in Uganda for many years with various ministers and youth groups to bring hope to Africa, and ZAYA is the new name for the youth ministry of the Church of Christ. The new “AIDS” coming to Africa is “Auto Immune Dietary Supplements”. The leading dietary supplement they are bringing to Africa is in an exclusive category of its own – UPCOSH (Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol). With nutrition, instead of risky drugs and vaccines that have serious side-effects and often result in more complications, the ZION – African Youth Alliance is relying on the simple and effective nutrition backed by solid scientific research that spans more than two decades. The newest addition is ZeoHeal, a dietary supplement designed for deep cleansing of the tissues of the body while supplying needed minerals for nourishment. We at ZAYA here in Africa are glad to be a part of this endeavor to end fears of AIDS in Africa without drugs.

  4. If you wish to skip the middle men and get fresh water straight into the hands of those in need, turn to UNICEF’s new effort, drink1give10.com.

    UNICEF has pledged to donate 10x the amount of water you drink to a struggling town in Ethiopia.  All you have to do is buy bottled water!  Check out http://www.drink1give10.com

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  8. Congrats guys for these Hydrosols of Silver.
    Could this be the end HIV !!!
    Can I get these substances for my people urgently and at what cost.
    May the Lord keep on blessing your efforts.

  9. Dear Keith Kenneth Kashaija,

    Yes, you can get these products. I will contact my associates and make sure that you get the needed information.


  10. Hi,

    I had a general question about the clinical trials being conducted.

    I saw the second report issued by Wasart for the clincal trials of UPCOSH and there were great testimonials however, no viral load data was provided. The first report said the viral load data would be supplied in the second report. Why was it not included?

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  12. Can anyone answer my previous question?

  13. Jim,

    I can.



  14. Jim,

    I suggest that you view the ZAYA investigative report on these field trials for a more accurate understanding.

    Zion African Youth Alliance (ZAYA):

    NOTE!: The product used in Africa, “Oxysilver”, IS NOT UPCOSH.

    Only Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O is UPCOSH.

  15. I have read the Zaya investigative report which you reference. It is interesting and exciting, however it is still vague.

    The first report issued by Wasart( in the Wasart Africa OSX Clinical Trial Report-1 ,page 65 it states “The viral load analysis HIV testing results: currently ongoing to be included in the next part of the report. ) indicates this repeatedly through the report.

  16. Jim,

    The answer to your initial question is that the project manager could have done a great deal better in management, thus the poor quality of the technical data on viral loads. I had no control over the OXS field trials or the project manager.

    I suggest considering the summary report from Dr Carr and the UCLA report.


  17. The Dr Carr Clinical trials are from 1999. The UCLA study does not include human trials.

    Why is there nothing more recent that provides something as fundamental as viral load data?

    Is Cmv3 referenced in Dr Carrs report Bionaid? Is it Oxysilver or it it something else? This is confusing to me.

  18. We are happy here in Africa for what Oxysilver is doing to our lives.I am one of the journalist who witnessed the clinical trials conducted by WASART.The resultts were wonderful.

    We pray for Peter Luyima to live long.We appreciate his humanitarian work in Africa.He is true son of Africa.

  19. Thank you for responding. I am impressed with the work of Peter Luyima and Elder. Thank God for people like them!

    As a person with Aids, I am trying to find the data that will verify what is being said. I am just suprised that there have been no clinical trials with viral load data done since 1999 or 2000.

  20. Dear Jim,
    I see your concerns are very valid. The “clinical” trials so said with WASART are basically subjective community based results noted in the Mukono trial – BUT the technology implied can be referenced from various sites of nanobiomedicine on Silver products. I hope if you are HIV positive there are several clinical trials showing positive results. Give credit to efforts of WASART. It is a step worthy.

  21. Jim,

    I wish to give the most credit to ZAYA, the distributors for UPCOSH in Uganda, for producing an accurate investigative report on the clinical trials in Uganda.

    Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O is in Africa now, and it is the most potent hydrosol in the world, and will be introduced on a larger scale with credible and comprehensive field reports to follow in the future.

    Cmv3 referenced in Dr Carrs report is basic Bion. Oxysilver has a similar ingredient in it but is not the superior Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O (The ONLY UPCOSH) (click on my name to link to the original formulation website that gives all the details and links to other information).


    I share your sentiments. I was honored to be the pivotal person that made the donation to Uganda possible, being the owner and developer of the original formulation, as seen in the following documents sent by me last year to Africa.


    Again, Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O is not “nano-silver”, and is measured on the monatomic scale. The water delivery system is also measured on the monatomic scale, much smaller than nano-particles.

    The Water, used in Bionaid, puts out an energy field out to 4,200 feet from the bottle. The Water is the best water in the world for hydrating cells, and has been documented. No silver solution compares to Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O with The Water in it and my other proprietary technology.

    New tests are now being done in Ghana for Bion Plus Bionaid AgH2O.

  22. Hello… 😉

  23. I have used OXYSILVER for 3 months and I have used BIONAID for an additional monthS for a total of 4 months treatment. My viral load before starting was undetectable because of being on ARV drugs.

    I just got my latest viral load numbers and it went up to 6500. I did stop taking the ARV drugs the last month. My CD-4 count went from 420 to 460.So while my Cd-4 count did go up silghtly my viral load increased significantly which is not good.

    I guess I would have to say that the OXYSILVER DID NOT WORK.


    MY case is a real life example with viral load data to back it up. I am an ordinary person with Aids that is trying to find the truth behind the claims that OXYSILVER and BIONAID can cure Aids

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  26. Jim,

    I make no claims that Bionaid “cures” anything. It does kill HIV. Could you send me copies of your test results on Oxysilver? I do not sell Oxysilver in the states, and it is not the same product as Bionaid. What dosage of these products are you taking?

    Be Well,

  27. I have been taking at least six capfulls per day for the last 4 monts. iIhave gone through 1 case ( 18) bottles of Oxysilver and about half a case of bionaid. I will send you a copy of my labs when I see my doctor again on the 7th of April.


  28. This looks cool so far, what’s up people?
    If there’s anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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