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Pain-Bodies in Action for Former Olympian Tim Montgomery

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I was terribly disappointed and saddened to read the news about Tim Montgomery’s recent sentencing to 46 months in jail. As I read this today, I could not help but think about the “pain-bodies” he is likely experiencing and “ego” associated behaviors that propelled him to criminal activity. The “pain-body” and being in the Present and how these concepts are explained by Eckhart Tolle in his book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, highlights just how much pain our society experiences each day.

Both Montgomery and his former wife Marion Jones had it all in the eyes of most people. Olympic fame, money, endorsements and it is all now gone. Literally. In the book, Tolle describes how people carry a large amount of unnecessary baggage, both mental and emotional and throughout their lives. They limit themselves through grievance, regret, hostility, guilt. As Tolle further states, “Their emotional thinking has become their self, and so they hang on to the old emotion because it strengthens their identity.” In the case of Montgomery and Jones you can see that their identity and who they thought they were or rather, who they think they are is about financial resources and celebrity.

This is an important point, because it highlights the negativity in this world and how the so-called affluent struggle more than the poor. Quoting from the book: “Unhappiness or negativity is a disease on our planet. It is everywhere, not just in places where people don’t have enough, but even more so where they have more than enough. Is that suprising? No. The affluent world is even more deeply identified with form (possessions), more lost in content (things, feelings, perceptions) more trapped in ego.” Page 213

People are dependent on things, seven cars is not enough for the hip hop musician or rock star who has made it big financially. Yet, they struggle in their lives with drugs, self-identify, depression and they have more than enough.

What would a young person from a developing country think about these shenanigans if he had the material wealth of Montgomery and Jones. The deeper purpose that the affluent and super wealthy can gain from this is that all situations are fleeting because things change. Remember the rapper Easy-E who dies of AIDS? On top of the world one minute and sadly dying of a sexually transmitted disease the next. This is important because people of color especially are stuck in a way of thinking and behaving that is so fundamentally wrong that the pursuits of “bling” and “getting paid” will NOT advance their family and their community, ultimately.

Mr. Montgomery pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the bank fraud and money laundering plot. Prosecutors said he had a hand in depositing bogus checks worth $1.7 million. “I’ve had everything I ever wanted in life. I’ve stood on the top of the mountain,” Montgomery told the court. But now, “the gold medal, all those people cheering, that was part of another world. … In jail, my status is gone.”

The things Montgomery cited are the problem. Those things are not who he is. In his “mind” this is probably so and I am sure he will miss the niceties he has enjoyed. ┬áSo for the next 46 months, he should figure out who he is and who he is not and I will guarantee that he will be the type of person his children and family can be proud of sans the cheers and the gold. This is his opportunity to do something special and make himself proud.



Sex Makes You Click…

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I want to interrupt the continuation of my analysis on Blood Diamonds to share an old observation: sex makes you click. I just read a brief snippet about Jessica Cutler–not bad looking, but nothing to write home about. However, what is interesting is how the freaky side of people in Washington continues to get exposed. From former President Clinton, to Mark Foley’s fondness for little boys to Senate aides who like to talk dirty and use handcuffs. So, if you are an advertiser, here’s the dilemma: people click thereby increasing traffic. But, do they buy anything?

Of course they don’t, but the blogger gets paid nicely for thousands of clicks. If this was on the nightly news, which it likely would be, people would likely listen, make a comment, then say oh well. This is the kind of media that is such baloney and bull crap, that new media strategies often get devalued because of the unsavory nature. What’s a person to do on the web. I likely won’t remember the post I read about Ms. Cutler in a few weeks or share it with anyone–but it sure is somewhat interesting in voyeuristic kind of way.

Oh, and get this, Ms. Cutler gets an entry into Wikipedia for getting paid $400 to screw a married man for lunch. This is how far we’ve come, which sadly is not very far.