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U.S. Education in a Global World is Not Adequate

In mindset 3.0, research, social networking on May 27, 2008 at 10:17 pm

For those of you who have ADD (can’t view anything longer than 2 minutes), this 8 minute video is arguably one of the most important points of view to illustrate why our global interactions and negotiations with our foreign neighbors is failing.  I work with clients and organizations that face the challenges described in the video with fact-based support, yet, the unwillingness to advance and move forward is crippling and thus contributes to the unpreparedness of young people to compete successfully. 

This video puts into perspective why our unemployment rate in the United States continues to increase; our young people are simply unprepared en masse to deliver to the world and be what we need for them to be in the year 2028.  Affirmative action will no longer be needed in 2028.